The impressive volunteers of the Dayton Society of Natural History generously devote their time and experience to offer direction and provide the necessary elements to help educate and mold children and adults of all ages. The multiple boards and committees focus on strategic matters and individual projects by making every effort to ultimately ensure that the purpose, plans and policies of the overall organization are achieved. With the vast knowledge and intrapersonal skills our extraordinary Board Members and teams of volunteers possess, they help ensure the success of this community’s treasured community resource.

The essential goal of the Dayton Society of Natural History is to encourage civic leadership through quality educational programs that help students and youth to see the critical link between a sound fundamental education and future employment opportunities.


The Administration of the Dayton Society of Natural History (Boonshoft Museum of Discovery) is comprised of professionals with expertise from finance to STEM Education.

Tracey Tomme, President & CEO – ttomme@boonshoftmuseum.org
Michael Westendorf, Controller – Administration@boonshoftmuseum.org
Dawn Kirchner, Vice President, Education – Education@boonshoftmuseum.org

Board of Trustees

The Dayton Society of Natural History’s (DSNH) Board of Trustees is led by a distinct and dynamic group of volunteers that promote and support the ongoing programs and overarching educational initiatives of its two entities—the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery and SunWatch IndianVillage/Archaeological Park.

In conjunction with their volunteer leadership, the Board of Trustees is a non-salaried governing group responsible for long-term strategic planning activities of the Society, physical and human assets, its programs and policies, legal operations accountability and ensuring a continuity of leadership and direction over time.

2019 Board of Trustees

Chair Tim Rice
Vice Chair Pat McDonald
Secretary Nick Niehoff
Treasurer Cheryl Ennis
Controller Michael Westendorf

Debra Brathwaite    
Carrie Clark
Rachel Goodspeed
Greg Hoffbauer
Katie Joseph
Tim Kambitsch
Terry Posey
Jose Rodriguez
Yasmeen Soin
Nora Stang
Mike Stemen
Jeff Stickel
Matt Thiel
Charles Wright

Associate Board

The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery’s Associate Board, is a dedicated and extremely talented group of community volunteers who serve as advocates and ambassadors to further the Museum’s overall mission and enhance it's public image. The Associate Board assists with the coordination of the Museum’s special events and fundraisers, including the annual Boonshoft Bash, and has established an overarching focus to showcase the Boonshoft Museum as the unique educational venue that it is.

2018-19 Associate Board

President Glen McMurry
President-Elect Kate Vriner
Treasurer  Caitlin Krebs
Secretary  Joni Ahlers
Eureka Chair Jonathan & Val Hawkins
Eureka Co-Chair Cody & Kara McMillen
Bash Chair  Nick & Ann Knerr-Smith
Bash Co-Chair Nick & Beth Andrews

Class        Member        

2019        Jonathan & Val Hawkins
2019        David & Katie Lunne
2019        Glen & Angie McMurry
2019        Michael & Erin Rhinehart
2019        Nick & Ann Smith
2019        Tim & Amanda Wilson

2020        Brent & Joni Ahlers
2020        Nick & Elizabeth Andrews
2020        Brandon & Megan Gross
2020        John & Anissa Lumpkin
2020        Paul & Shawna Richter
2020        Matt & Rebecca Schmitz

2021        Trevor & Katie Collier
2021        Erin S. Craig
2021        Scott & Michelle Fleming
2021        Cody & Cara McMillen
2021        Dylan & Megan Romans
2021        Joshua & Lauren Schierloh
2021        Ashley Stanko
2021        Adam & Christy Thompson
2021        Douglas & Alyssa Vorhees
2021        Mike & Kate Vriner

2022        Robert & Elizabeth Ballinger
2022        Maureen Botshon
2022        Caleb & Brittany Byrley
2022        Wes Eversole
2022        Rob & Beth Ferguson
2022        Nick & Andrea Hoover
2022        John & Caitlin Bortolotto Krebs
2022        Brad & Lauren Williams


The Friends are a dedicated group of volunteers and "Friends" of the Dayton Society of Natural History and its two principal institutions - the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery and SunWatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park. A casual group of diverse volunteers, the Friends respond to requests made by any Department or staff member, either through volunteer hours, or through the designation of funds. Meetings take place 10 times per year on the third Thursday of the month for camaraderie, featured presentations and for the purpose of evaluating requests. Annual membership is $5, payable each September. While any interested person is welcome to participate, only members of the Dayton Society of Natural History have voting rights. Contact John Wolf at 937-275-1617 for additional information or to join the Friends.

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