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Dinos to Dodos

Showing through August 20, 2017 | Fraze Gallery

Step back in time for a view of our ancient past! Explore time on a geologic scale, and take a tour through millions of years of Earth’s history as you uncover the culprits that can cause mass extinction events – as well as the more normal background extinctions that take place over long periods of time.

From habitat loss and invasive species to pollution and natural disasters, the balance of life on Earth is delicate – and not just something to be studied in terms of MYA (millions of years ago). Dinos to Dodos will also explore modern extinctions, with a look at animals like the Ivory-billed woodpecker and the Passenger pigeon, which have become extinct in the past 100 years.

See a T-Rex skull, touch an Apatosaurus leg bone, discover a Coelophysis family, and more at Dinos to Dodos!


Showing in Fraze Gallery | October 8, 2016-August 21, 2017

1. Tyrannosaurus rex skull (cast)
2. Amber
3. Extinct ice age mammals display, including a sabertooth cat (skull).
4. Coelophysis bauri (family)
5. Stag moose (model and single vertebra)
6. Ivory-billed woodpecker
7. Coelophysis bauri (juvenile)
8. Dinosaur footprints

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