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Explorers Crossing

Shop as you discover shapes, colors, and numbers, become a veterinarian, tune up a car, prepare a pizza, and learn the importance of recycling—it’s all part of the educational fun of Explorers Crossing, where kids discover their potential to be whatever they dream of.

Shape Shop

Added in 2017, the Shape Shop was created to help our youngest learners learn about colors, numbers, shapes, and letters. Sort objects by size, learn to recognize like shapes, balance items on a scale, learn to measure, and more!

Pizza Kitchen

Continue the role-play in the Pizza Kitchen, where features include a kitchen prep area and pizza “oven” stocked with all of the “ingredients” for making pizza so that children can assemble and serve their special version of this favorite treat each day.  With pieces specially created to teach children about colors and shapes, as well as learning about fractions and numbers, children will be able to add layers of sauce, cheese, and other toppings – all in a stain-free environment!

The Good, The Bad and The Bugly

Visit our play house that has some “pest” problems. This house is being invaded by ants, bees, and mice. What can you do to keep these critters outside and out of your house? The bugly house can give you some ideas. Children and adults can learn how to keep animals out of their house in a humane way and have fun at the same time. Children will immerse themselves in a bug’s life through interactive computer games and a high-powered, kid-friendly microscope. Have a “bugly” good time learning about camouflage and mimicry while exploring a bug’s-eye view of natural history.

Discovery Zoo Vet Hospital

Does your child love the animals in our Discovery Zoo? If so, the Discovery Zoo Vet Clinic is just the place for you! This child-friendly area allows visitors to take on the role of a zookeeper, animal rehabilitator, or veterinarian and care for one of the animals in our zoo. Children can wear costumes as they select their (stuffed) patient, diagnose the illness, and care for the animal at stations that include a space to conduct their "exam", x-rays, diet, and even grooming. These budding animal experts can even give an "animal talk" from the small stage that is used by our Zookeepers for daily presentations!

Montgomery County Solid Waste District's
Recycling Center

We all know the importance of recycling, but in the Recycling Center, kids can really get involved in the entire recycling process. Here, read and discuss posters explaining recycling with your child, and then put that knowledge to use. Place items on a conveyor belt and decide whether or not the item is recyclable. If it is, discuss the item and determine what material it’s made of; once you’ve labeled its composition, take the item to a scanner to read its UPC code and find out if you’re right! “Recycle” the items that are recyclable and “discard” the ones that are not—enjoy some interactive play with your child, all while emphasizing the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Montgomery County Solid Waste District's

Do you know how many bags of trash the average American family produces in one week? Visit the Landfill to find out! Here, you’ll climb through a model landfill, discovering what happens to your trash once you throw it away. See what happens when you discard things that could be recycled, study the layers of a landfill’s soil, and even experience what methane gas smells like. In the Landfill, you’ll learn how important it is to reduce trash, reuse non-disposable items, and recycle everything you can.

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