Lichliter IIB

Section IIB: Terminology

Lichliter (Virginia Gerald) Terminology

  • Field: Lichliter was divided into East Field and West Field. These were determined by a tree line going through the site. This may have also been based on the datum, which was originally placed by Allman in the 1950s.
  • Run: 12 Runs exist within the Lichliter Site. These appear to be areas where a bulldozer took off the top layer of soil.
  • House: 10-12 house patterns were found on the Lichliter Site. House 1 was excavated by Allman, the rest by Gerald.
  • Unit: Units were typically 5x5 feet, usually dug in 0.4 inches
  • Feature: 907 features were excavated from 1962-1970. Of these, 65% were excavated in 1969-1970.

Lichliter Naming Conventions

  • Unit: G150W = arbitrary grid used from 1962-1968; 250E050S = XY axis grid used 1969-1970
  • Feature: F69-250 = feature number 250 from 1969
  • Artifact: L65/340 = Lichliter artifact number 340 from 1965

ArcheoLINK Terminology

  • Trench: This is a unit in American Archaeology (any opened area during an excavation)
  • Planum: This is a level; this indicates levels of depth while excavating a unit or feature
  • Feature: This term is the same as in American archaeology
  • Fill: The type of soil or inclusions within a feature or unit
  • Segment: A part of a feature that was examined further or a bisected feature
  • Square: Section of a unit that does not contain a feature
  • Find: An artifact(s) pulled from a unit or feature

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