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Section IIG: Lichliter Site Statistics

The Lichliter Site, excavated by the Dayton Society of Natural History from 1962-1970, is an early Late Woodland site, dating back to approximately 500 A.D. It consists of 10-12 house patterns. Out of the 907 features, 417 postmolds and 57 pits were excavated (see Figure 1). In total, 10,500 square feet were excavated by hand and 18,050 square feet were stripped by machine.

10,927 artifacts were collected during the Lichliter site excavation. See Figure 2 for a breakdown of artifact types. 277 diagnostic artifacts were collected. See Figure 3 for a breakdown of diagnostic artifacts.

Project Conclusions/Synthesis

Lichliter Project Statistics

  • 701 Files Created
  • 10,927 Artifacts Processed
  • 3,500 Hours Spent on Project over 2.5 Years

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