Support the Discovery Zoo by adopting one of your favorite zoo residents for the coming year! Show your love for the animals, knowing that your support will provide the care and enrichment needed to keep them safe, happy, and healthy.

Giving Levels & Recognition

There are now TWO levels for adoptions -- one for grown-ups and families, and one for our younger animal lovers!

Basic Adoption: $35 per person each year

Once you have adopted your chosen animal, adopters will receive a digital Welcome Packet that includes certificate of adoption and a Discoveries gift shop certificate for a plush mascot of their animal. The best part? Adopters at this level are eligible to add a private behind-the-scenes zoo tour for up to six (6) family members for an additional fee of $75 per person. (max: 6 per group)

About the Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Not only will our professional live animal staff take you on a guided tour of the Discovery Zoo and Animal Ambassador Room, you will have the chance to feed our North American river otters, meet rainforest exhibit residents, craft an enrichment item for the meerkats or bat-eared foxes, interact with our most adorable animal ambassadors, and much, much more! Participants should be at least five (5) years of age, and all minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Junior Conservation Club: $15 per child each year

Once your child has adopted their chosen animal, you will receive a digital Welcome Packet that includes certificate of adoption and a Discoveries gift shop certificate for a plush mascot of their animal. The best part? Each child who participates at this level is eligible to add a private Junior Zookeeper experience for $95 per child! (max: 4 children per session)

About the Junior Zookeeper Program
Spend the morning walking in an actual Zookeeper's shoes, as you get exclusive behind-the-scenes time with the live animals of the Discovery Zoo. Not only will Jr. Zookeepers get hands-on interactions with adorable animals, they will also learn about the care that goes into keeping our crazy critters happy and healthy!

Available on limited Saturdays from 8:30-10:30 a.m., this program is for children ages 4-17, and the experience will vary by the age of the participant. Any participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult; 1-2 parents/guardians may accompany the children at no cost. Up to four (4) Junior Conservation Club members may be registered for each session, but it is recommended that you complete all registrations at one time. Additional children may be added after the initial registration by calling 937.275.7431, ext. 118 or emailing

Adoption Options

"Eno & Sikwa" our river otters
"Patience" our sloth
"Marley, Maggie & Mick" our meerkats
"Wyatt" our bat-eared fox
"Vinny" our striped skunk
"Dart" our poisoned dart frog
"Segundo" our desert tortoise
"Ruby" our red-tailed boa
"Papaya" our Jamaican fruit bat
"Quilliam" our African pygmy hedgehog

How Far Will YOUR Donation Go?

  Food Enrichment Habitat
$25 Provide a full week of produce for Patience, our Linne's two-toed sloth. Ensure each Animal Ambassador has their own puzzle feeder. Support staff and supplies needed to clean and improve enclosures daily!
$50 Serve up a week of fresh fruit to our bats! Provide one Boomer Ball. These tough toys are the paws-down favorite for our otters -- but they go through them quickly! Brooms, towels, and other cleaning supplies need to be replaced regularly.
$100 Zoo animals need special diets! Provide frozen meat for our carnivores for one month. Even in zoos, animals need rest and privacy! This level provides a shelter in one resident's habitat. Purchase a case of disinfectant! Keeping our animals safe and healthy means having the right materials at hand.
$250 Provide a YEAR'S supply of snacks for our herbivore animals. Crickets are both food and enrichment for many animals. Provide SIX months of snacks! Meerkats love to dig away at sand in their enclosure, and this giving level provides a year's supply.
$500 Happy, healthy starfish eat a LOT of mussels, and this level ensures a full year's supply! Curious mammals and birds need LOTS of enrichment! Give our staff the time and flexibility to create new games daily for them to explore. Support nap time in the zoo! Purchase one year's supply of bedding and hay.
$1000 Our otters eat NINE fish per DAY! This gift will keep them satisfied for SIX months. Hammocks and custom climbing structures made from fire hoses are durable and provide hours of enjoyment. Help us create new ones with a gift at this level. Outfitting animal enclosures with full-spectrum bulbs helps keep animals healthy! Each bulb must be replaced annually, and can cost up to $1000.

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