Camp in a Box

Exciting Experiences you can do at home! 

Introducing the all new digital camp experience through the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery:
Camp in a Box!

Each box includes a daily challenge or experiment to test, an item to make, and an opportunity to explore and learn more! Boxes can be purchased year round for exciting and fun at-home experiences! 

Click Here to watch our intro video!

$150 - Camp in a Box: includes activity materials kit, written guides, and digital interactive experiences** with our educators.
**Recordings of digital portion available upon purchase starting June 7, 2021.

$50 - Buddy Box
For families who may have more than one child at home, there's no need to purchase two of the same box! With a Buddy Box add-on, multiple children can utilize the main kit contents and activity sheets, but each have their own specialty item(s).

$10 - Members only discount
$10 - Discount when buying 2 or more kits (cannot be combined with member discount)
i.e. Kit 1 = $150, Kit 2+ = $140
Is there a discount if I can pick up my kit from the museum?
Yes! You will save the $25 shipping fee if you pick up your kit.

Looking for a way to make a meaningful impact?
Donors are welcome to purchase a camp for a child who might not be able to experience Camp in a Box otherwise!

Click here for our donation form!

Boxes can be purchased in our Discoveries Gift Shop

Camps for ages 6 to 7

Mad Scientist
Get ready to put on safety glasses and conduct incredible, wacky and fun experiments!  From concocting slime to building your own sidekick, and explosions to escape gadgets, there is something to interest every budding scientist.  Your camper will learn to predict outcomes, ask questions, and investigate answers through the hands-on science of chemical reactions, engineering, and exploring nature!

Wizard STEM
Grab your cloak and get ready for a scientific journey through the world of wizards, witches, and magic! Explore potions, learn about magical animals, make wands, and learn astronomy. This will be a magical week with a STEM twist!

Camps for ages 8 to 12

Boonshoft Time Machine
Is your school year in ruins?  Why not try some ancient ruins instead?  Join us as we explore the most well-known ancient civilizations from around the world. Adventures include investigating engineering principles while building pyramids like the Ancient Egyptians, to learning about the night skies through the eyes of the Mayans. You’ll end the week seeing the impact these ancient people made on our lives!

Outdoor Explorer
For the kid who loves to explore the outdoors: this camp is for you! Join us for a week of hands-on exploration and dive into the bustling world of insects, try your hand at botany, and learn all about the fuzzy, feathery, and scaly creatures right in your backyard. By the end of the week, you’ll have the tools and knowledge required to be the resident naturalist in your neighborhood!

Emerging Engineers
Put that thinking cap on and get ready to solve problems through imagination, creativity, and perseverance! Follow the engineering process and discover the wonder of the world around you. Overcome hurdles throughout the week and emerge an engineer!

Backyard Astronomer
Have you ever looked at the night sky in awe? Wondered why the Moon appears to change shape? Wanted to know how to identify constellations? This camp in a box was made for you! Learn about the universe with one of our astronomy experts and discover the sky from your backyard. Join us on this exciting journey through your local skies and become a backyard astronomer.

Chemistry Camp
Can’t get to the lab? No problem! We’ll bring the lab to you! Create bubbling solutions, slimy concoctions, and color-changing reactions in this hands-on chemistry camp. As you experiment, test, and repeat, you’ll have the opportunity to confer with your fellow scientists to determine the best solution to the challenges that face you each day. We may have a few fiery, explosive, and smoky demonstrations from our Science Theater planed along the way!

Boxes can be purchased in our Discoveries Gift Shop


When can I register?
Registration will be open two weeks before the camp start date.

Can we just order the box, without the digital live instruction?
Absolutely. The basic Camp in a Box kits includes just materials with printed instructions.

Can we expect COVID-19 related delays, due to high volume shipments?
While we will do our absolute best to get these boxed camps to you in a timely manner, we ask for patience with any potential shipping delays that could take place. If a facilitated Camp in a Box is delayed beyond the scheduled camp dates, arrangements can be made to place your child into another camp.

Are there any discounts?
Yes! Our Members-Only discount is $10. You can also save $10 if you buy 2 or more Camp in a Box kits. These discounts cannot be combined. First kit full price, second+ kit receives discount.

Are there scholarship options?
Scholarships are available for local residents only. You can find more information here, or email

Will there be potential refunds (maybe dropping down to the Basic Camp in a Box price) if their box is delayed beyond the facilitation date?
No. In the event the camp materials do not arrive in time for the start of the digital experience, you will have the opportunity to move to a new week.

Is there a discount if I can pick up my kit from the museum?
Yes! You will save the $25 shipping fee if you pick up your kit.

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